is about activities of the Czech authoring team of Thoma family. You can find here an infromations about our publications, photographic exhibition projects or see our virtual gallery. English language content is gradually being expanded.

New book about Prague

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Brand new book about Prague was just published by the Slovart publishing house. Photographs are by Zdenek and Michal Thoma, text by Sona Thomova. It's available in English, Czech and Russian. This coffee table book consist of 144 pages with hundreds of photographs of famous sights of the Czech capital and even some less known palces of interest.

See more information about the book.

Book can be purchased with some discount on Kosmas.

Tourist enterpreneur dilemma: The case of Yartung festival in Manang

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ManangHave you seen the Eric Valli’s Caravan? This beautiful film featuring stunning Himalayan landscape has rather simple though powerful story. It is rivalry between young and old village headmen. While the old insist on departing for annual trade expedition on auspicious date determined by the astrologer, the young want to leave as soon as possible for practical reasons. When some half a year ago I first thought to organize tour to Manang for the Yartung horse racing festival, I didn’t know, that I’ll actually impose the same dilemma on the society of Manang.

Zdeněk Thoma gets Kantuta award in Zlin

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Good companyFrom the hands of the Czech travel icon Miroslav Zikmund, Zdeněk Thoma got Kantuta award, which annually granted to people who contributed to the cognition and convergence of cultures.

Ceremony was held on 26 April after the diashow of the exhbition projectManang 30 Years After in the Zlin's Alternativa Gallery.

Thanks belongs to the organizers of the Unknown Earth festival Miroslav Náplava and Petr Horky, who did put Zdenek Thoma's into good company.

Manang 30 Years After to be displayed in Zlín

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Originally repaired preyer wheels.
2 to 28 April 2012, Alternativa Gallery, street Osvoboditelů 3778, Zlín, Czech Republic

As part of traveller's festival Neznámá země exhibition Mananag 30 Years After will be displayed in Zlin's Alternativa Gallery, street Osvoboditelů 3778 (Kolhaus, masterpiece of functionalist architecture). Open daily from 9 to 17 o'clock.

The authors will personally introduce exhibition on 26 April at 18 o'clock.

Manang 30 Years After displayed on Holiday World Fair in Prague

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Exhibtion in Manang11 to 12 February 2012, Holiday World Fair, Výstaviště, Prague - Holešovice

As part of the World Film Festival during the travel fair Holiday World we will exhibit the selections of the images from the Manang 30 Years After photographic set.

In Sunday 12 February from 14:15 we will hold a diashow of the photographs there.

Bhutan: How the life goes in the happy country?

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Woman of Layap tribe of northern Bhutan in her traditional hat, watches down from the typical painted Bhutanese window.
In order to put at least some English language content to my blog, I decided to translate photograph captions from my story about Bhutan in Czech language. While the original text goes quite deep in discussing the real and claimed state of happiness in Bhutan, the photographs are rather unproblematic wide selection of the shots I made during my several travels to this stunning Himalayan country. Please enjoy the show.

Pour Felicitas in 2012!

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PF2012We wish you all the best in the coming new year 2012!

This pages, in their new design, exists for one year now, and since then established it's contents and brought at least some information about us. Very some we will extend the contents of this pages with more photo galleries and real photographic portfolio categorised by locality and topics.

The very news now is the blog of Michal Thoma which is just launched in order to present Michal's articles written for various media. It's contents, like current story from Bhutan, will be mostly in Czech, though some English stories will definitely also be added.

Exhibitions lending offer

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We're providing four photographic sets for exhibiting in galleries, museums and other appropriate venues. We do lend exhibitions for low fee covering the transportation and maintance cost. For detailed condition and possible dates please contact us.

We do offer this four photographic sets:

  • Manang 30 Years After - Manang is the remote village in Nepal Himalayas. Michal and Zdeněk Thoma's photographs shows the change which happened there during the lifespan of one generation.
  • Taste of Tea = Taste of Zen - Photographs of Zdeněk Thoma takes us to the charming universe of Japanese gardens, which were built for the tea ceremony.
  • A Day on the Tea Estates - Zdeněk and Michala Thoma's photos shows self contained universes of the tea estates on Sri Lanka.
  • Chai Wallahs - Black and white photostory by Michal Thoma takes us to the side streets of Indian cities to sit and sip a tea with the common folk and tea sellers - the chai wallahs.

Manang 30 Years After Catalogue

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Manang 30 Years After CatalogueOn the occassion of the exhibition Manang 30 Years After opening in the Stone Bell House, Prague, we printed new exhibition catalogue in Czech and English language.

Exhibition photographs: Zdeněk Thoma, Michal Thoma
Illustrative photographs: Libor Bureš
Foreword: Ivan M. Havel
Texts: Zdeněk Thoma, Michal Thoma
Graphic designer: Kamila Thomová

Publisher: Zdeněk Thoma
90 CZK

Published: 2011
Format: A4, 64 pages, Czech and English
Tiskárna Tobola

Exhibition Manang 30 Years After opening in Prague

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InvitationWednesday 14 September, 5:30 pm, cellars of the Stone Bell House, City Gallery of Prague, Old Town Square 13, Prague 1

Zdenek and Michal Thoma's photographic exhibition Manang 30 Years After, depicts change in the one Himalayan village since 1979 till today.

Exhibition will be started by Ivan M. Havel and the authors. The experimental musician duo The Havels will play and catering will be provided by Good Tea Room and Wine Cellars Lechovice.

Exhibition will be open from 15 September to 16 October. Opening hours are everyday except Monday from 10 am to 6 pm. Entry is free.